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Dear Bulbapedia users of the year 2017,

I am TTEchidna, Editor-in-Chief of Bulbapedia during the year 2008. I am writing this message to you in the hopes that you will read it.

In this year, if the Pokémon anime continues to go on at its current rate of airing, you will approach quickly the 1000th episode of the Pokémon anime.

If this does occur, I must ask one thing of you.

Do not move the episode articles from EP001 to EP0001 or so on. Leave them as they are. Continue to redirect EP### to its respective generational episode (for example, here, we would redirect EP572 to DP106, the most recent airing as of last Thursday). EP1000 would be redirected to its own respective episode in your current generation; whether it is the anime series based on Generation VI or Generation VII I do not know.

I expect to come by to view this page at the very least in the year 2017; to read my own words and if they've reached anybody.

A reply to this message by any and all future Bulbapedia administrators would be nice to have... but as for now, this page will remain hidden; lost to history.

As a final thought, I will place my delete timer tag here in the hopes that putting it up for deletion in so many years will grab the attention of anyone who wishes to respond.

I therefore remain, your friend in time,

TTEchidna, December 15, 2008