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TPM anime-style battling is a system of anime-style battling, based on The PokéMasters forum.


Inspired by the ad-hoc UPN ASB, ditto_pokefreak created a system of consistent and simple rules, bringing it to TPM while he was an anime forum moderator. After a few demonstration battles, the system of ASB quickly became extremely popular, and the first Board of ASB was created as the governing body. The directors of the board consisted of the first battlers and referees. Gym Leaders have been renewed with four new Gym Leaders. Selecting the Gym Leaders hasn't yet finished.

After some dispute over the League's activity in the anime forum, ASB was given a forum of its own. ditto_pokefreak introduced the idea of Towers, that still exist to the current day. The Tower are the central threads that each handles important issues like Refereeing and Pokémon approval.

In today's forum, the PASB is now a thriving community with around 40 members. It is the most popular forum in the entire PokeMasters Forum and is continuing to grow with Tournaments, Contests and a whole range of battlers.

Original rules

Updated July '09

  1. New trainers picked four Pokémon at the basic level, with no legendary Pokémon, which are approved at a Tower.
  2. Signatures are not in use for the time being
  3. Each battle consists of two trainers and one referee who posts the outcomes of the battle. There may be more trainers if it is a Double Battle or a 1 VS 1 VS 1
  4. Each trainer is allowed to issue three commands each round of battle.
  5. The winner will obtain points which will be double of the loser and equal to the ref. The Pokémon that participated will gain experience meaning they can evolve when paid for in the bank.

Continuing evolution

After the original success, ASB continued to evolve and grow. Many new rules were eventually added, including rules governing economy and the creation of additional Towers and appointed positions. To this day, ASB has gone through many changes as well as upheavals, but is still home to many Trainers at The PokéMasters.

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