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Ash and {{AP|Pikachu}} decide to take a walk while Dawn works on her strategy. Ash wanders into the forest as he spots a group of {{p|Sunflora}} absorbing rays. Pikachu follows a {{p|Ledyba}}, stubling on a flower and sneezing. As Ash approaches a tree, a young boy calls him over. Ash meets [[Nathaniel]] as he tells Ash that he planted [[Honey]] on that tree. Ash lets him hug Pikachu as he reveals his passion to become a Trainer. They notice a {{p|Heracross}} on the tree. Seeing Nathaniel, Ash thinks about how he used to be young and always wanted to always spend time with Pokémon, noting that being a Trainer is a great priviledge. Nathaniel wants to specialize in {{type|Bug}}s as they watch Heracross leave. Ash starts telling him tales of his journey, starting with his {{AP|Heracross}} and {{AP|Bulbasaur}}.
Back at Dawn's house, Dawn plans with Piplup and {{TP|Dawn|Pachirisu}}, setting up two combinations. Pachirisu runs over to the [[Television|tv]] as Dawn notices a bunch of clipped newspaper articles about all of Dawn's Contests that Johanna preserved. Johanna returns as they get to the battle, [[Double battle|two on two]] with Piplup and Pachirisu against Glameow and Umbreon. Brock shows his romance towards Noelle constantly, but BelossomBellossom and Croagunk keep him in check. Dawn goes first with {{m|Whirlpool}} and {{m|Discharge}}, creating the electrified whrilpool. Johanna's Pokémon use {{m|Quick Attack}} to gracefully dodge, crossing each other's paths and creating an appeal before stopping and launching a double {{m|Shadow Ball}}, destroying the Whrilpool and knocking {{cat|Dawn's Pokémon}} down. Dawn's Pokémon get up as they invoke their first plan. Piplup fires {{m|BubbleBeam}}. Though Johanna's Pokémon dodge, the attack creates a wall, masking Pachirisu until the last moment, hitting both with a spinning {{m|Super Fang}}. Dawn celebrates the successful plan, but Johanna makes her pay for her premature celbration by using a double {{m|Attract}}, {{status|Infatuation|infatuating}} both of Dawn's Pokémon before hitting them with a double {{m|Swift}} Attack, [[Unable to battle|knocking them out]]. Dawn is somewaht upset but accepts the defeat, comforting her Pokémon. Still, Johanna was still impressed at her strategy and [[Happiness|her bond]] with her Pokémon. It also inspires Ash to take a note from the battle. Meanwhile, Team Rocket has managed to catch many Goldeen. They keep going for more as [[Jessie]] pulls a {{p|Gyarados}} out of the water, sending them blasting off with a {{m|Hyper Beam}} strike.
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==Major events==
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