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Mr. Fuji

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Mr. Fuji wishes for the [[happiness]] of all Pokémon. He cares for the {{p|Cubone}} that Team Rocket orphaned.
In {{game|Emerald}} there are a series of messages left at [[Faraway Island]] where a wild {{p|Mew}} can be found. The messages warn that only someone pure of heart will see Mew. The author's name is smudged, but "-ji" is still readable in the Japanese version. It's possible that Mr. Fuji left the message, as a scientist who possibly worked on cloning Mew, he would have needed to collect Mew DNA. Mew may have appeared before Mr Fuji due to his kind nature. In the [[Pokémon SpecialAdventures]] manga, it's confirmed that he and [[Blaine]] once were on [[Faraway Island]].
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