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'''Masaaki Iwane''' (岩根雅明 ''Iwane Masaaki'') is an animator who has worked on many episodes of the [[Pokémon anime]].

===TV Series===
*''See [[:Category:Episodes animated by Masaaki Iwane|Episodes animated by Masaaki Iwane]]''
*[[Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea|Pocket Monsters: Pokémon Ranger to Umi no Ōji: Manaphy]] - Key animation
*''[[Mewtwo Returns|Pocket Monsters: Mewtwo! Ware wa koko ni ari]]'' - Animation director<!--, Key animation-->

==External links==
*[ Masaaki Iwane's personal website] (Japanese)
*[ Pokeani's animation director page for Masaaki Iwane] (Japanese)

[[Category: People|Iwane, Masaaki]]

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