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'''Dixie Tucker''' (Japanese: '''ディクシータッカー''' ''Dikushi Takka'') is a female [[Trainer]] from [[Saffron City]]. She doesn't specialize in any specific type of [[Pokémon]] and notmally catches her Pokémon by befriending them instead of battling them and whittling away their energy.
Dixie is a fun loving person and usually keeps to the optimistic side of life. With everything, there are pros and cons, that's what she believes, and she chooses to share that with people she meets and befriends. Because of her attitude and caring nature, it makes Dixie a very hard person to up and hate. Sher persists with her attitude and when staying with others, she tries her best to find the ways to make it as equally enjoyable for herself as well as the person that she's with.
There are times where Dixie is really stubborn about certain things as well. She likes offering stuff to other people, and gets quite saddened should they decline her offer, leading her to persisting in badgering them lightly until they say yes -- because 'no' is an unacceptable answer. So... in a way, she doesn't stop until she gets her way -- which is just her getting someone to accept what it is that she's giving to them.
Now -- usually, Dixie shows little to no fear of anything. However, it's been noted that getting trapped in small rooms or very dark places has a tendency to leave Dixie in a cowering state. There are also times where her Pokémon scare her as well-- however, it's only Zalaras and Rictor (her Rhydon in storage) -- since the two don't get along at all, the two fight and when they get real out of control, it scares Dixie.
If there's any time that Dixie actually gets angry with anyone, it's if they don't treat Pokémon with a sense of repect, or as equals. Dixie is known to stand up for the rights of Pokémon and is highly keen on reminding anyone and everyone that they're living, breathing creatures that also have feelings -- that Pokémon develop a bond with their Trainer and fight for them because they care for them. She understands that her voice won't be heard among some... but that definitely doesn't stop her from trying.
Finally being able to travel [[Mt. Moon]], Dixie, Jakkaru and Jaxx got the opportunity to be seeing [[Clefairy]] and [[Clefable]], both, performing their [[Moon Stone]] 'ritual' of sorts. After the sight of what was going on, Dixie had a close encounter with a [[Zubat]] that the Pikachu that the three of them helped out knocked out with a well balanced Thunderbolt attack. After this, and Dixie being the person that she is, she caught the Zubat and nicknamed him Suono. Though Dixie's new Pikachu friend didn't agree with this sentiment, he ended up joining her in the rest of her travels anyways and soon earned the nickname of Sparks.
With the new additions to her team, Dixie had gongone under training with Jakkaru and Jaxx both. This helped her with creating new tactics with her Pokémon and got her prepped for battling [[Misty]] of the [[Cerulean Gym]]. Having gone through the training, Dixie was able to win the match by using Scout, the hat obsessed [[Sentret]], and Sparks. Having won her [[Cascade Badge]], Dixie makes her way through the rest of the region with her friends at her side.
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