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== Introduction ==
*[[Pokémon HeartGold]]
*[[Pokémon SoulSilver]]
== I got HGSS ==
<br>Cyndaquil is happy!
== How I got into Pokémon ==
I'm not sure myself. I am aware however, that I got into the anime first, then the games I think in 1999 when I got myself a Pokémon Game Boy Color with Pokémon Yellow.
Recently, I found said Game Boy Color. So, I can play my Red, Green, Yellow, Gold and Crystal again. In like 2005 or so I stopped watching the anime because I always woke up right when it ended. Then I forgot when it was on. I recently started watching it again. However, I'm limited to only watching the new episodes or my old videos because my school starts at 8:25.

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