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The next day, the match begins in a smaller stadium, with Jackson having the first move (showboating off once again). Jackson leads off with Azumarill, so Pikachu leads off. Azumarill leads off with {{m|Water Gun}}, while Pikachu evades with {{m|Quick Attack}}. As Pikachu reverses for the attack, Azumarill dodges at the last minute. After exchanging a Thunderbolt and a {{m|BubbleBeam}}, Azumarill connects with {{m|Icy Wind}} and follows up with {{m|Iron Tail}}. Pikachu, however, grabs the tail just as it connects and reverses with a {{m|Thunder}}, knocking it out.
Next up for Jackson is MagentonMagneton. After exchanging Thunderbolts, Ash attempts a speed game. Pikachu tries to do a Quick Attack, but Magneton dodges and uses {{m|Thunder Wave}}, holding Pikachu down. Finally, Jackson ends it all with a {{m|Tri Attack}}. Pikachu is hurled right into a wall, and is out for the count. Sending out Cyndaquil, as Brock remarks that Magneton, as a {{t|Steel}}-type, would have the disadvantage. After exchanging a Thunderbolt and a {{m|Flamethrower}}, Cyndaquil manages to use a {{m|SmokeScreen}} into {{m|Swift}}, which hits Magneton as it was attempting to use Thunder Wave. Magneton uses {{m|Double Team}} to evade another Flamethrower. As Cyndaquil tries to slowly sweep with Flamethrower for the real Magneton, it is on the receiving end of the Thunder Wave and Tri Attack combination, knocking it out.
Now down to his last Pokémon, Ash brings out Bulbasaur. Jackson begins with a Thunderbolt, which Bulbasaur counters with {{m|Razor Leaf}}. Magneton evades with {{m|Double Team}}. Bulbasaur, avoiding the same combination that had done in Pikachu and Cyndaquil, use a spinning {{m|Vine Whip}} to mow down the afterimages, which eventually hits Magneton. Nevertheless, the combo is tried again, but Thunder Wave is blocked by a last-minute Razor Leaf, and Vine Whip is used to evade the Tri Attack. Finally, Bulbasaur manages to connect with a {{m|Leech Seed}}, which manages to sap much of its energy. One Vine Whip to spin Magneton around wraps up the match-up, as Magneton is knocked out.

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