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'''Kay''' (Japanese: '''ケイ''' ''Kay'') is a [[character of the day|one-time character]] in the [[Pokémon anime]] who appeared inepisode ''[[EP090|Stage Fight]]''. Her Japanese voice actress is かかずゆみ ''[[Yumi Kakazu]]'' and her English voice actress is [[Jayne Grand]].
Kay was a member of the Pokémon Showboat, a group of performers who provide voices of [[Pokémon]] while the Pokémon act in a show. While all of the other actors in the show got along with their Pokémon, Kay didn't get along with her {{p|Raichu}}.
She revealed to {{Ash}} that the reason she and Raichu didn't like each other is because of something that happened when they first met. Raichu was so happy, it jumped into Kay's arms and used {{m|ThunderShock}}. Frightened, Kay accidentally threw Raichu, and the Pokémon became frightened of her.
Kay and Raichu finally gained each other's trust during a [[{{pkmn|battle]]}} with [[Team Rocket]]. Kay, providing Raichu's "voice," was able to distract Team Rocket and send them blasting off.
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