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nexttitle=The Swallowing Darkness |
series=FireRed & LeafGreen |
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episodelist=List of rounds in the fifth chapter of Pokémon Special }}
nametitle_en=Shapeless Attacker |
jnametitle_ja=姿なき攻撃者 |
tmnametitle_ro=Shapeless Attacker |
image=PS269.JPG |
chapter=FireRed & LeafGreen |
volume=22 |
number=269 |
location=[[Pallet Town]] }}|
prev_round=Escape!! |
next_round=The Swallowing Darkness }}
'''Shapeless Attacker''' (Japanese: '''姿なき攻撃者''' ''Shapeless Attacker'') is the 268th round of the {{g|Special}} manga in the {{Special|FireRed & LeafGreen chapter}}. Due to rounds in this chapter of Pokémon Special not having official English names, '''Shapeless Attacker''' is merely a translation of the rough Japanese title.

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