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Registeel (Pokémon)

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* In Pokémon Ranger, Registeel is the only of the three Regis that has a Field Move. The other two have a Poké Assist instead. Registeel could be used on a boulder near its chamber to find a {{p|Dugtrio}}.
* Registeel, {{p|Regirock}}, and {{p|Regice}} are the only Pokémon with the strongest move by base power, {{m|Explosion}}, as a starting move.
* In Generation III, Registeel had the weakest [[STAB]] move among all [[legendary Pokémon]]. Its only attack of its type, {{m|Metal Claw}}, has a base power of 5550. Registeel learns {{m|Iron Head}} and {{m|Flash Cannon}} in Generation IV, eliminating this dubious distinction.

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