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User:Force Fire

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It's official, I'm staying. Oh yeah, last userspace edit
<big><big><big><big>ITerm gotone school,closing mayto be inactive for aan whileend.<br><br>Will be availableonline onmore Weekendsoften.</big></big></big></big>
Not much to talk about my personal life, I have been a [[PokéFan]] ever since 1999, 10 years of cherishment. But I don't only like Pokémon, I also like other stuff. My favourite Pokémon out of the 21 [[User:Force Fire#Favourite Pokémon|under there]] is Charizard.
I have been absenceabsent during July-August 2008 and Feb-March 2009, But the latter is pending as I have school, and first term doesn't finish until 10th of April. So I May or Maynot stay Permanently.
That's all..I guess.
So far, No good. Haven't met a shiny in Diamond.
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*''{{u|Maverick Nate}};'' Mav
*''{{u|Kevzo8}};'' Kev
*''{{u|The dark lord trombonator}};'' Trom (Kinda obvious..)
*''{{u|CoolPikachu!}};'' CP or CoolPika
If you want to know your nickname, talk to me.
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=Most Improved=
User's who I think mostly improved their act over the past few months/years.
*Taviource; Registered on the 2nd February 2008, Originally named Tavisource. Known for making mayhem over Custom Sprites. Good to see he's doing great.
*Super Max; Registered on the 23rd July 2008, A.K.A Guardian. Known for being harrassed and abused by many, especially DCM and Optimatum, Although he has still got a lot to learn, but he's getting there.

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