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Blastoise (Expedition 4)

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type=Poké-POWER |
name=Jet Stream |
jname=ジェットすいりゅう |
jtrans=Jet Water Current |
effect=Once during your turn (''before your attack''), if {{tt|Blastoise|this Pokémon}} is your Active Pokémon, you may flip a coin. If heads, discard an Energy card attached to {{tt|Blastoise|this Pokémon}}, if any. Then, if there are any Energy cards attached to the Defending Pokémon, choose 1 of them and discard it. This power can't be used if {{tt|Blastoise|this Pokémon}} is affected by a {{TCG|Special Condition}}. |
cost={{e|Water}}{{e|Water}}{{e|Colorless}} |
name=Energy Cannon |
jname=エナジーキャノン |
jtrans=Energy Cannon |
damage=40+ |
effect=Does 40 damage plus 10 more damage for each Energy attached to {{tt|Blastoise|this Pokémon}} but not used to pay for this attack's Energy cost. You can't add more than 20 damage in this way. |

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