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Aging in the anime

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Eternal youth: What is it with these mistakes?!?!
==Common theories==
===Eternal youth===
One common theory is that, like in many cartoons, the characters never age and are trapped at the age of their first appearance. However, this seems strange since the passage of time is pointed out every once in a while without the mention of any character's birthday. It is even more questionable that the anime has directly pointed out ''years'' of time passing. One of the most common supports for this theory is that Ash and {{an|May}} are supposedly the same age when May begins her journey, even though Ash has traveled through three regions and competed in their leagues before she received her first [[Pokémon]]. This is also the case when {{an|Dawn}} starts her journey, as she is the same age as Ash, though he has been through ''five'' regions this time (including Kanto twice). This is easier to believe in the Japanese version, where all characters have retained mostly the same voice. However, in the English dub, many characters have had their voice change over time, especially Ash, who'swhose voice has become noticably deeper over the seasons.
===Slowed time===

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