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Major events: That's not... a major event?
==Major events==
* Hareta receives a bicycle from Byron in order to get to Lake Valor quickly,; however, by the time he figures out how to use it, it wouldn't have made much difference.
* Several of the Gym Leaders arrive to take care of the Galactic Grunts at the lake while Hareta protects Azelf.
* Hareta finds Azelf in the possession of Saturn, who explains the purpose of the lake trio to him.
* Saturn defeats Byron and causes a cave in, trapping Hareta and Byron inside.
* Hareta escapes with Byron using Hydro Pump and takes out Saturn's Bronzong with Riolu's Focus Punch.
* Saturn comments that it's been a long time since he last had to fight seriously as he sends out his next Pokémon.

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