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Togepi (EX Team Rocket Returns 50)

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cost={{e|Colorless}} |
name=Yawn |
jname= あくび|
jtrans=Yawn |
damage= |
effect=The Defending Pokémon is now {{TCG|Asleep}}. |
cost={{e|Colorless}}{{e|Colorless}} |
name=Mini-Metronome |
jname=ちいさくゆびをふる |
jtrans=Slightly Wag Finger |
damage= |
effect=Flip a coin. If heads, choose 1 of the Defending Pokémon's attacks. Mini-Metronome copies that attack except for its Energy cost. (You must still do anything else required for that attack.) (No matter what type that Pokémon is, {{tt|Togepi|this Pokémon}}'s type is still {{e|Colorless}}.) {{tt|Togepi|This Pokémon}} performs that attack. |

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