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Fishing Brothers

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The '''Fishing Brothers''', or more commonly called the '''Fishing Gurus''' in Fandom, are characters in [[Generation]]s {{incompletegen|I}}, {{gen|II}} and {{gen|III}} who give out different types of [[Fishing|Rods]]. They are all related to other as brothers, and are spread out through [[Kanto]], [[Johto]] and [[Hoenn]].
The '''Fishing Brothers''', or the '''Fishing Guru''', are characters in [[Generation]]s {{gen|I}}, {{gen|II}} and {{gen|III}} who give out different types of [[Fishing|Rods]].
==The Fishing GurusBrothers==
=== Vermilion Fishing Guru ===
In Generations [[Generation I|I]] and [[Generation III|III]], a man known as the "Fishing Guru" can be found in [[Vermilion. InCity]], theseof games[[Kanto]], hewho gives theaway an [[Old Rod]] to the player. Later, in [[Generation II]], he is known as the Fishing Dude and claims to be the eldest of the Fishing Brothers.
=== Lake of Rage Fishing Guru ===
In the [[Generation II]] games, a man known as the Fishing Guru lives at [[Lake of Rage]], in [[Johto]]. His greatest dream is to see the world's largest Magikarp, and he regularly measures those brought to him in order to realize it.
=== Silence Bridge Fishing Guru ===
In Generations[[Generation I–]], [[Generation II]], and [[Generation III]], a brother of the Fishing Guru lives on [[Silence Bridge]]. He gives [[Super Rod]]s to those in whom he detects a love of fishing. In [[Generation II]], he claims to be a younger brother of the Fishing Guru of Lake of Rage.
=== Fuchsia City Fishing Guru ===
In Generations[[Generation I]] and [[Generation III]], the olderFuchsia brotherCity ofFishing theGuru Vermilionlives Fishingin Guru[[Fuchsia City]], in [[Kanto]] and gives away a [[Good Rod]]. He says he is the older brother of the Vermilion Fishing Guru. There is also a small pond at the back of his house, where people can fish.
== Other "Fishing Gurus" ==
Many other characters give fishing rods to players. In the Pokémon fandom, these have all become unofficially known as fishing gurus, even though they are not referred to as such in-game.
* In [[Generation IV]], a man who is found only after the player receives the [[National Dex]] in the [[Fight Area]] gives the player a Super Rod.
== Trivia ==
* Although in Generation I the Fuchsia Guru claims to be older than the Vermilion Guru, in Generation II the Guru in Vermilion claims to be the eldest of the brothers. This could perhaps be explained by the brothers moving around—in fact, it could be that there is only one Fishing Guru (from Vermilion in Generations I and III and from Lake of Rage in Generation II).
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