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Talk:Ash's Totodile

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::::Is it like this everywhere honestly is romance something that is looked upon so likely in the anime with all of Ash's pokemon being called things simply because pee-brained people can't admit proof when they see it. I mean Ash's Pikachu is loved by Dawn's Buneary but of course it is a thing still or perhaps a lesbien, then there is poor Totodile who fell in love with an Azumarill but alas is called still a thing and of course poor Charizard is being called a thing still simply for falling in love with Charla.
::::Why is it when the female pokemon do something like wear a dress or even fall in love with a male pokemon (or in Bayleef's case Ash himself) then they are automatically classed as female. Honestly people get a brain cell [[User:WolfMan of Light|De Wolfy is here]] 14:26, 12 December 2008 (UTC)
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