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Pokémon Fan Universe

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'''Pokémon Fan Universe''' is a fan site owned by Shining Arcanine. It was started on November 13, 1999. It was and remains run by Shining Arcanine alone.
Pokémon Fan Universe was first hosted on Homestead, where it had little content and didn't have much popularity.
In December 2003, Pokémon Fan Universe was moved to 1&1, who were offering free 3-year hosting packages. Unfortunately, 1&1's servers were insufficient to serve Pokémon Fan Universe's visitors so in January 2004 Pokémon Fan Universe switched to a web host that was created for the sole purpose of giving away cheap webhosting. It later evolved into A Small Orange Software, and continues to provide Pokémon Fan Universe with a reliable and inexpensive hosting as of 2005.
In September 2008, the co-admin of the site, Jax Malcolm, put the site on maintenance which effectively prevented all access to the forums. She did this to raise awarness of the lack of main adminstrator's presence. Shining Arcanine restored the forums only few days later. Afterwards Jax demodded herself and left the forums. Later a super moderator, by the alias of El Niño took a similiar stand and password protected all the forums he could. One of the fewer forums unaffected by this lockdown was Chit Chat, which was soon the place of discussion of the current state of forums. The topics mostly contained flames toward either the resigning staff that very loudly voiced their opinions about the current lead administrator or toward the lead administrator and the members deciding to stay with the forums. Shining Arcanine restored the forums and demodded the staff that were involved with either the lockdown or some bannings that he found questionable. This was followed by a small exodus of older members. There was also an issue with the anime style battling league which some of the older members tried to take with them. That league was later decided to be built on new basis using the old system.
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