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Charmeleon (Base Set 24)

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! [[Pokémon Card GB 2|Card GB 2 ID]]
| A12
| {{TCG|Stormfront}}
| [[Image:Rarity Rare.png|Rare Holographic]]H
!English Card No.
| 102/100
==Release information==
*This card was reprinted in the {{TCG|Base Set 2}} and {{TCG|Legendary Collection}} reprint sets, which were only released outside of Japan.
*A special reprint with redrawn art by Mitsuhiro Arita was released in the {{TCG|Stormfront|Intense Fight in the Destroyed Sky}} set, currently exclusive to Japan.
Image:BS24Charmeleon.jpg|Base Setprint<br>Illus. [[Mitsuhiro Arita]]
Image:019260 P RIZADO.jpg|{{TCG|Stormfront|Intense Fight}} print<br>Illus. [[Mitsuhiro Arita]]

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