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Pokémon Fan Universe

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In December 2003, Pokémon Fan Universe was moved to 1&1, who were offering free 3-year hosting packages. Unfortunately, 1&1's servers were insufficient to serve Pokémon Fan Universe's visitors so in January 2004 Pokémon Fan Universe switched to a web host that was created for the sole purpose of giving away cheap webhosting. It later evolved into A Small Orange Software, and continues to provide Pokémon Fan Universe with a reliable and inexpensive hosting as of 2005.
In September 2008, Jax Malcolm, the only active admin on the forums, left due to the anarchy on the board. This was followed by El Niño, a super moderator, proceeding to password-protect most of the forums, saying that Shining Arcanine did not care about the forums. Most of the staff members left, leaving the board in a state of madness. On the 9th of October, Shining Arcanine reopened the boards, saying that he still cared about the forums and would not close them in the forseeable future.
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