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Pokémon Fan Universe

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In December 2003, Pokémon Fan Universe was moved to 1&1, who were offering free 3-year hosting packages. Unfortunately, 1&1's servers were insufficient to serve Pokémon Fan Universe's visitors so in January 2004 Pokémon Fan Universe switched to a web host that was created for the sole purpose of giving away cheap webhosting. It later evolved into A Small Orange Software, and continues to provide Pokémon Fan Universe with a reliable and inexpensive hosting as of 2005.
In mid September, 2008, the only active Admin of Pokémon Fan Universe: Jax Malcolm, a person who was often congratulated for all her great work at keeping the forums clean, decided she wanted to leave. However, rather than just say her goodbyes and the slip out quietly, she deided to close the boards down, unallowing any members to access the boards. As Pokemon Fan Universe is property of Shininy Arcanine, people often say she had no right to do this. Fortunately, Shining Arcanine did visit the boards only 2 days after the tragedy for the first time in months, and reopened the boards, stripping Jax of her powers.==Controversy==
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A week later, the higher staff departed with her, resulting in the locking of forums by the only active super moderator El Niño, who wished to repeat Jax Malcolm's attempts to close down the board for similar reasons, as well as the mass locking of topics by moderator Ekibyōgami. This resulted in a massive flame war which has continued to this day.
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