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Pokémon Fan Universe

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Pokémon Fan Universe was first hosted on Homestead, wherehadwhere it had little content and didn't have much popularity.
After a 18-month period of inactivity due to exhaustion, Shining Arcanine eventually met individuals such as [[Meowth346]] and [[Pojo]] staff members who gave him advice. One particular Pojo staff member wrote a Digimon site, showing him what hard work can do over a summer while [[Meowth346]] showed him how to code webpages in HTML and CSS.
In October 2002, Pokémon Fan Universe was published on AlwaysWebHosting, having been completely recoded by hand. The Pokédex was still being coded by hand in HTML at the time. Meowth346 suggested implementing the [[Pokédex]] in PHP to Shining Arcanine and helped him do so.
Faced with rising bandwidth cost, Pokémon Fan Universe's moved to The Forum Host, which offered free web hosting in exchange for a text advertisement. The host went under a few months later and was taken over.
In December 2003, Pokémon Fan Universe was moved to 1&1, who were offering free 3-year hosting packages. Unfortunately, 1&1's servers were insufficient to serve Pokémon Fan Universe's visitors so in January 2004 Pokémon Fan Universe switched to a web host that was created for the sole purpose of giving away cheap webhosting. It later evolved into A Small Orange Software, and continues to provide Pokémon Fan Universe with a reliable and inexpensive hosting [[as of 2005]].

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