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Unown N (Neo Discovery 50)

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Pokémon Power
You may have up to 4 Basic Pokémon cards in your deck with Unown in their names.
===Pokémon Power===
{{CardattackCardpower |
costtype=<small>[Pokémon Power]</small> |
color=660099 |
name=[Normal] |
jname= |
jtrans= |
damage= |
effect=Whenever a {{e|Colorless}} Pokémon damages 1 of your Pokémon, reduce that damage by 30 (''after applying Weakness and Resistance''). This power stops working if you have more than 1 Unown [N] in play. (''This power works even if {{tt|Unown [N]|this Pokémon}} is {{TCG|Asleep}}, {{TCG|Confused}}, or {{TCG|Paralyzed}}.'') |

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