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Dawn's hints
*In ''[[DP038|One Big Happiny Family!]]'' Dawn copied Ash on saying her name then [[Twinleaf Town|her hometown]] when introducing herself. It might show a form of admiration.
*In ''[[DP062|Tanks for the Memories!]]'', Dawn was crying about her recent contest failure. When Ash approached her, she didn't want him to worry about it and played along with his assumption that she had dirt in her eyes. <!--Then Ash says he is hungry and Dawn suggests that they get ice cream (Dunno if this should be added)-->
*In ''[[DP66|Lost Leader Strategy!]]'' Dawn says that she wonders if her contests are holding Ash back, showing that she cares about his dreams almost more then her own.
*In [[DP068]] Dawn cheers Ash again with more dancing for his Gym battle against [[Maylene]].
*In [[DP081]] Dawn had to be restrained by Brock from coming to Ash's aid in calming Chimchar.

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