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'''Pokémon Chamo-Chamo ☆ Pretty ♪''' ("Chamo" being the sound an Achamo or {{p|Torchic}} makes) is a manga series by the ''[[wp:Shojo|shōjo]]'' author [[Yumi Tsukirino]] and is a spin-off of [[Pokémon PiPiPi Adventure]]
It seems to be a spin-off of [[Pokémon PiPiPi Adventure]]
The series is a comedy-styled manga which follows the continuing adventures of [[Pikachu (PiPiPi)|Pikachu]] and [[Clefairy (PiPiPi)|Clefairy]] who are joined by new friends [[Torchic (CCP)|Torchic]] and [[Mightyena (CCP)|Mightyena]].


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