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Pokémon Fan Universe

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'''Pokémon Fan Universe''' wasis starteda fan site owned by Shining Arcanine. It was started on November 13, 1999. It startedwas outand asremains arun response to all of the little Pokémon sites that had little to no content but evolved into a much larger site that exceeded evenby Shining Arcanine's expectations. Unlike other sites, its development was primarily done by a single developer, Shining Arcaninealone.
= Beginnings History=
Pokémon Fan Universe was first hosted on Homestead, wherehad little content and didn't have much popularity.
During its life it went through a number of host changes and one complete rewrite. Its first host was, there Shining Arcanine used a WYSIWYG editor to design and create pages rather inefficently. It had little content and didn't gain much popularity. It was also poorly written and after 2001, couldn't be published anywhere but on homestead due to the greed of Homestead's executives. After much work and a 1.5 year18-month period of no activityinactivity due to sheer exhaustion, Shining Arcanine eventually met individuals such as Meowth346 and Pojo staff members who gave him advice. One particular Pojo staff member wrote a Digimon site, showing him what hard work can do over a summer while [[Meowth346]] showed him somethinghow heto had never known before, writingcode webpages with standardin HTML and CSS, the way websites are supposed to be written. Inspired by them, in September 2002, he set out to leave homestead and start Pokémon Fan Universe from scratch, written from the ground up by hand with proper HTML/CSS. This change set the groundwork for Pokémon Fan Universe's presentational code, code that is still used on Pokémon Fan Universe, even to today.
In October 2002, Shining Arcanine published his rewritten site on a webhost called AlwaysWebHosting. It flourished there while Meowth346 introduced Shining Arcanine to a server side scripting language known as PHP. Eager to make use of a potentially time saving code called PHP. He used it in a rather crude design (that still exists to this day in some parts of Pokémon Fan Universe) thatwas merely included sidebars so that it would be possible for him to add new sections to Pokémon Fan Universe without editing every page like he didpublished on homestead. TodayAlwaysWebHosting, Pokémonhaving Fanbeen Universecompletely hasrecoded aby worldhand. class PHPThe Pokédex that ranks among the finest in the world. In October 2002, Shining Arcanine was still writingbeing his Pokédexcoded by hand in HTML. Although certain elements laidat the frameworktime. forMeowth346 asuggested smallimplementing portionthe ofPokédex Pokémonin FanPHP Universe'sto futureShining Pokédex'sArcanine presentationaland design,helped ithim wasdo extremely unimpressiveso.
However,Faced thiswith soonrising changed. With a good heart that is always willing tobandwidth helpcost, Meowth346 suggested that the Pokédex be written in PHP. Shining Arcanine tried to write a PHP Pokédex, but initially didn't grasp the main concepts of the language. So he continued writing his Pokédex by hand in html. Then after a few more conversations with Meowth346, he asked for help. That was the major turning point in Pokémon Fan Universe's history.moved Through AIM, Meowth346 helped him writeto hisThe firstForum scriptHost, awhich Pokédex.offered Atfree firstweb ithosting wasin also rather unimpressive but lacking as it was, it did have an entryexchange for alla 251text Pokémon (as was then the number of known Pokémon in the world)advertisement. AndThe overhost time,went Meowth346 helped him with content (moves andunder a few minormonths lists, which were greatly appreciated)later and in doing so taught him the concept of his Pokédex's then current storage system (which was rathertaken inefficent). After a few months of help a Pokédex started to take shape and Shining Arcanine could write content for it on his own. Then on March 16, 2003, the Pokédex went live and for the first first time in its history, Pokémon Fan Universe had unique visitors by the hundredover.
ThenIn aboutDecember 8-11 months after arriving at Always Web Hosting rising with rising bandwidth costs2003, Shining Arcanine decided it was time for Pokémon Fan Universe to leave AlwaysWebHosting and go elsewhere. Pokémon Fan Universe's next host was The Forum Host, which sponsored Pokémon Fan Universe giving by it free webhosting in exchange for a text advertisement at the top of every page on Pokémon Fan Universe. Unfortunately months later, it went under and was taken over by another webhost, whose name is currently unknown but is believedmoved to have also went under. Pokémon Fan Universe didn't stay until that happened through. After learning about 1&1 Webhosting, awho webhostwere that was giving awayoffering free 3 -year professionalhosting packages, Shining Arcanine switched so that Pokémon Fan Universe could once again be ad-free in December 2003. Unfortunately, 1&1's servers were insufficient to serve Pokémon Fan Universe's visitors so in January 2004 Pokémon fanFan Universe switched to a webhostweb host that was created for the sole purpose of giving away cheap webhosting. It later evolved into A Small Orange Software, aand commercialcontinues businessto but fortunately this providedprovide Pokémon fanFan Universe with a reliable and inexpensive webhostinghosting and[[as fortunately was its last hostof move2005]].
In==External the time that followed, Pokémon Fan Universe was under constant development and recorded days of 2000+ unique visitors. The rest is history.links==
=* Pokédex[ =Pokémon Fan Universe]
Pokémon Fan Universe's Pokédex was originally designed with extensive help from Meowth346. However, as time passed, less help was needed and its development became self-sufficient. This Pokédex became known as 1.x. By mid-2003, Pokémasters was developing a new Pokédex and in response Pokémon Fan Universe's webmaster began drafting plans for a new Pokédex, written from the ground up and with no equal. It took a year before the webmaster had the expertise to design such a Pokédex, but in late July 2004 development started slowly but surely. After a few weeks, the code amounted to over 400 lines (in comparison, the current version online is written with 500-600 lines; excluding template data). Unfortunately, the need for the webmaster to study slowed development rather significantly. It progressed slowly but surely. In early december a release date was set for a public preview - Christmas. Development lagged and missed Christmas but within the few days after enough presentation code and data was ready.
Minutes after New Year's day, Shining Arcanine released a public preview of the new Pokédex as a New Year's present to the world with a promise to finish it by early Feburary 2005. It's design was considered by Shining Arcanine to be revolunary, as it combined the ability to update its content without rewrites, advanced search capabilities and ease of use into one script. Something the old 1.x Pokédex never could hope to do. An unexpected death in Shining Arcanine's family prevented him from making that deadline and almost was the end of Pokémon Fan Universe. Right now development is expected to pick up and finish during the Summer of 2005. Shining Arcanine hopes to make the release of the final version as revoluntionary as the preview. Given the amount of functionality currently unexposed in the templates, this is possible depending upon one's definition of revoluntionary.
==External Links==
* [ Pokémon Fan Universe]
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