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→‎TCG Video Games: Added Pokémon Card Game Online
(→‎TCG Video Games: Added Pokémon Card Game Online)
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=====Other TCG video games=====
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! style="background:#{{sinnoh color dark}}" | {{color2|FFF|Generation IV|IV}}
| {{color2|000|Pokémon Card Game Online|<big>'''ポケモンカードOnline'''</big> <br/><small>Pokémon Card Game Online</small>}} <br/>
[[File:Pokemon Card Game Online Logo.png|300px|link=Pokémon Card Game Online]]
| style="color:#{{link color}}; padding:3px;" | <div class="roundy" style="background:#FFF; padding:5px;"><big>'''{{tt|Web|Browser based online game}}'''</big></div>
| November 20, 2009 <br /><small>Japan</small>
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====Pinball series====



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