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* In ''[[PS322|Susceptible to Sceptile]]'', [[Emerald's Sceptile]] was frozen by a Blizzard from {{adv|Ruby}}'s {{p|Milotic}}, [[Feefee]], during their [[Battle Dome]] match. However, after unlocking his lost memories, Sceptile managed to break free from the ice and defeat Feefee, giving Emerald the victory.
* In ''[[PS409|Shunning Spiritomb]]'', [[Cyrus]]'s {{p|Weavile}} froze [[Cynthia]]'s {{p|Spiritomb}}. Cynthia tried to heal Spiritomb with an [[Aspear Berry]], but Cyrus prevented this by having Weavile use {{m|Embargo}}. This forced the [[Sinnoh]] {{pkmn|Champion}} to recall it and send her Milotic in its place.
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