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→‎In other languages: Corrected references
m (→‎In other languages: Added reference for Spanish translation, just in case (not sure if it's needed or not). Readers might need to set the language of the blog to Spanish (at the bottom of the page) for the specified text to be seen.)
m (→‎In other languages: Corrected references)
|ru=Мифический Покемон ''Mificheskiy Pokémon''
|es_la=Pokémon mítico
|es_eu=Pokémon singular<br>Pokémon mítico <ref name="ref1">[https://pokemongolive.com/post/kantotourcontestrules Pokémon GO Kanto Tour Contest Rules]</ref>
|sv=Mytisk Pokémon
|th=โปเกมอนมายา ''Pokémon maya''

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