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====Yuddham Modhalayye (Disney dub)====
'''Yuddham Modhalayye''' (HindiTelugu: '''యుద్ధం మొదయ్యె''' ''The war has begun'') is the Disney XD/Marvel HQ dub version of Battle Frontier. In Pokémon: Battle Frontier, an instrumental version of this song was used as the opening theme in the episodes from ''[[AG146|Fear Factor Phony]]'' till ''[[AG192|Home is Where the Start Is!]]''. This song was dubbed for the episode [[DP114|Another One Gabites the Dust]].
'''{{so|Diamond and Pearl}}''' is the opening theme for the tenth season of the anime, [[S10|Pokémon Diamond and Pearl]].
====Aenduku Chinta Kangaru? (Disney dub)====
This'''Aenduku Chinta Kangaru?''' (Telugu: '''ఎందుకు చింతా కంగారు? ''Why Worry?'') is the Disney XD dub version of Diamond and Pearl. It was aired from ''[[DP001|Following A Maiden's Voyage!]]'' till ''[[DP052|Smells Like Team Spirit!]]''.
'''[[Battle Cry - (Stand Up!)]]''' is the opening theme for the twelfth season of the anime, [[S12|Pokémon DP: Galactic Battles]].
====KaduluVijayam Andele (Disney dub)====
'''KaduluVijayam Andele''' (Telugu: '''కదులువిజయం అందేలే''' ''We Will Win For Sure'') is the Disney XD/Marvel HQ dub version of Battle Cry - Stand Up. It was aired in December 2019 during debut airings and for ''[[DP125|Battling a Cute Drama]]'' during rerun airings on Hungama TV, while it was aired from [[DP105|Get Your Rotom Running]] <!--till [[DP157|Gotta Get a Gible]] -->during reruns on Marvel HQ.



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