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(I know that's very thin ice, but https://bogleech.com/pokemon/pbetashuckle.html)
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Shuckle may also have been based on certain varieties of {{wp|Mollusca|mollusk}}, as it shares some characteristics with them, including the shell, the muscular but limp-seeming feet, the use of acids to receive food or to break down obstacles, the liking for fermented foods, and living close to the water. Its worm-like aspect may also take inspiration from a {{wp|nematode}}.
According to the Beta of Gold and Silver, the original idea of Shuckle was based on ''snake wine'' - a jar of wine with pickled reptile's corpse inside.
====Name origin====
Shuckle may be a combination of ''shuck'' (a husk or pod) or ''shackle'' and ''barnacle'' or ''turtle''.
Tsubotsubo may derive from 壷 ''tsubo'' (jar) and 富士壺 ''fujitsubo'' ({{wp|barnacle}}).

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