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Kingdra is a large, {{wp|seahorse}}-like Pokémon with a tightly curled tail. It is covered in blue scales except for its yellow, compact belly scales. There are thin spines with a single branch atop its head and thin, white fins under its cheeks. Its thin snout is powerful, allowing squirts of water jets with devastating power to be fired. Two-pronged fins extend slightly past its cheeks. On its back is a white fin supported by thin, blue spines similar to the ones on its head.
The yawn of a sleeping Kingdra is powerful enough to create undercurrents capable of destroying small ships. Should it decide to emerge from the depths of the ocean, Kingdra's strength can create large whirlpools and sea-born tornadoes on the surface. Because of its immense power, Kingdra often hibernates deep in uninhabited areas of the {{DL|List of Pokémon by habitat|Sea Pokémon|sea}} to rest and build up its energy. When a storm arrives, Kingdra is said to awaken and wander about in search of prey. Kingdra is known to have fierce battles with {{p|Dragonite}} whenever they meet. The scales shed by Kingdra are given to royals as gifts due to the gleam it emits.



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