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Pokémon battle

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Battle variants
==Battle variants==
:''For different rules used in competitive battles, see [[rule variants]].''
There are several variants or formats of a standard single battle, in which one Pokémon is sent out against an opponent's Pokémon. These differences are mostly in the number of {{pkmn|Trainer}}s and {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} involved in the battle at one time, but battles can also differ due to a set of specific rules or banned Pokémon.
Double Battles were introduced in the anime ''very'' early, first appearing in [[EP003|the third episode]] where {{an|Misty}} declared them to be breaking Pokémon League rules. Despite this, {{TRT}} has battled Ash in nearly every episode since in a Double Battle, sending out two Pokémon at once. Later, Ash himself competed in a Double Battle for the {{badge|Jade Star}} in ''[[EP108|Pokémon Double Trouble]]''. After the release of Ruby and Sapphire, Double Battles were seen in the anime more often. The first took place in ''[[AG014|All in a Day's Wurmple]]''. [[Forrester Franklin]] introduced the concept to Ash and they had a battle that Ash won. As in the games, Ash's Gym Battle against [[Tate and Liza]] was a Double Battle. The Double Battle style has been used in [[Pokémon Contest]]s; specifically in [[Grand Festival]] tournaments and competitions following the [[Double Performance]] format.
===Video Game Championships===
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{{main|World Championships}}
Video Game Championships, or VGC, is used in the World Championships and is a popular format in link battles. It was introduced {{v2|Platinum}} in 2009. The specific rules and banned Pokémon vary from year to year. Usually, they are double battles, use the newest Pokémon games, require each player to use four Pokémon, and ban [[mythical Pokémon]].
===Multi Battle===

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