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Pokémon battle

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Max Raid Battle
[[File:SwSh Prerelease Max Raid Battle.png|220px|thumb|A Max Raid Battle against a Dynamaxed {{p|Gyarados}}]]
{{main|Max Raid Battle}}
A '''Max Raid Battle''' (Japanese: '''マックスレイドバトル''' ''Max Raid Battle'') is a [[Pokémon battle]] in which four Trainers battle against a {{pkmn2|wild}} [[Dynamax]]/[[Gigantamax]] Pokémon, which remains Dynamaxed or Gigantamaxed for the whole battle.
The player can start a Max Raid Battle by interacting with an active [[Pokémon Den]], indicated by a beam of light shooting up from it. If a den is inactive, the player can throw a [[Wishing Piece]] into it to summon a Dynamax Pokémon.

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