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Pokémon battle

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Sky Battle
[[File:XY Prerelease Sky Battle.png|220px|thumb|A Sky Battle]]
{{main|Sky Battle}}
A Sky Battle is a kind of battle introduced in [[Generation VI]] in, which consist of two Pokémon battling each other in the air instead of on land or sea. However, because of this, only certain {{t|Flying}} types and certain Pokémon with the Ability {{a|Levitate}} are eligible for Sky Battles.
At certain points in the game, the player can encounter {{tc|Sky Trainer}}s on top of cliffs or other distant areas who will challenge them to a Sky Battle. All Sky Battles are optional, since the player may not have any eligible Pokémon to use. If all eligible Pokémon in the battle faint, the player will black out, but will resume the game standing where they were before battle. In this event, [[List of glitches in Generation VI#Sky Trainer interaction glitch|due to a current glitch]], the Sky Trainer is unable to be re-challenged or even spoken to, even if the player's eligible Pokémon are restored, until the player exits and reenters the area.

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