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Wonder Launcher

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Wonder Launcher items: replaced: {{DL|Battle item|X Attack}} → X Attack, {{DL|Potion|Potion}} → Potion
Each item has a certain point value which must be paid in order to use the item. At the start of their turn, the player gains one point to use or accumulate, or two points if the player is in a Triple Battle and has fewer than three Pokémon on their side of the field. A player cannot have more than 14 points.
Wonder Launcher items are often simply different versions of regular items such as {{DL|[[Potion|Potion}}]]s, [[Revive]]s, and [[battle item]]s like {{DL|Battle item|[[X Attack}}]]s. However, there are also new items, such as upgraded versions of battle items, labelled by their level afterwards; for example, X Defend 2.
===Item details===

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