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[[Sho]] owned a Pichu in ''[[DP074|Pika and Goliath!]]'', as he sought to have possession of one Pokémon each from the Pikachu evolutionary line. Arrogant like its Trainer, it would watch both of Sho and his Raichu's battles with Ash.
A[[Normajean]]’s Pichu was badly poisoned by a {{p|Tentacruel}} in ''[[DP190|The Brockster Is In!]]'' with several of her other baby Pokémon, but was healed by a {{m|Softboiled}} from [[Brock's Chansey]].
A Pichu in ''[[XY016|A Jolting Switcheroo!]]'' belonged [[Lena]], but was in [[Lyn]]’s care. Lyn's bag was accidentally taken by {{an|Bonnie}}, whose similar bag had her {{TP|Clemont|Dedenne}} inside; they eventually got their bags and Pokémon back.



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