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Pokémon breeding

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From {{game|Platinum}} onward, the baby will inherit three IVs, each from a different stat and from a random parent.
From {{2v2|HeartGold|SoulSilver}} onward, if either parent holds an [[Power item]] (excluding the Macho Brace), the baby will instead receive the IV of the corresponding stat from that parent, then inherit two other random IVs each from a random parent; if both parents hold ana Power item (excluding the Macho Brace), the baby will inherit the corresponding stat to their held item from one of those parents at random. For example, if a parent is holding the Power Anklet, the baby will inherit the {{stat|Speed}} IV from that parent, and it will also inherit two other different IVs from its parents, such as Attack and Special Defense. As another example, if one parent holds a Power Anklet and the other parent holds a Power Weight, the baby will inherit either the Speed IV from the first parent or the {{stat|HP}} IV from the second parent, and it will also inherit two different IVs from its parents other than Speed or HP (whichever was successfully inherited will be the one not chosen).
====Generation V====
From {{g|X and Y}} onward, if at least one parent holds a [[Destiny Knot]], the baby will inherit five IVs instead of three.
This can be combined with ana [[Power item]] to ensure that one desired IV is always inherited; however, the offspring will still inherit only a total of five IVs from its parents (the Power item simply guarantees which IV will be transferred for one of the five that the Destiny Knot allows).
===Inheriting Natures===

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