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Masquerain (Pokémon)

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Masquerain isrepresents basedthe onadult insects,flying especiallystage of a {{wp|mothGerridae|water strider}}s, thatthough bearit seems to share more characteristics with other insects such as {{wp|moth}}s—with {{wp|Eyespot (mimicry)|eyespots}} to frighten would-be predatorspredators—as well as {{wp|Odonata|dragonflies and damselflies}}, which share a similar flight pattern and habitat. Its head is shaped like a raindrop, making it similar to some {{wp|Fulgoridae|lanternflies}}, and its flight is similar to that of a {{wp|damselfly}}. ItMaquerain could have also been based on the {{wp|Kalligrammatidae}}, ancient {{wp|Neuroptera|lacewings}} (damselfly-like insects) that resembled {{wp|Butterfly|butterflies}} and moths.
====Name origin====

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