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Pallet Town

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Generations I and III
Pallet Town is very consistent in the way of layout. The square-shaped town with three buildings remains the same between Generations I and III, only enhancing aesthetic features. Trees have become bigger, flowers are more visible, and most other sprites have been upgraded to Generation III standards. Most of the town's residents remain the same and will tell Trainers the same messages. However, there is a woman in front of the [[signpost]] on the southwestern field that will move out of a Trainer's way when interacted with. In the Generation I to III transition, the garden in front of Professor Oak's Lab is removed, while other houses in Pallet have mailboxes instead of signs.
Professor Oak's Lab has gone through some slight remodeling. In Generation I, inside are three of Professor Oak's aides, two men and one woman, a couple of shelves full of books, a table with three {{i|Poké Ball}}s, a computer, two blank [[Pokédex]]es, and two tips for the player, while in Generation III, other than the significant graphical enhancements, the laboratory also has two plants in the entrance, a ''mysterious machine'', books on the floor, two regular machines in the corner, and a window. Changes in Red's and Blue's househouses also sufficed. In Generation III, the player's bedroom features an enhanced version of the bedroom from Generation I with the SNES being replaced with an {{wp|Nintendo Entertainment System|NES}}.
===Generation II===

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