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Ash's act with {{AP|Buizel}} starts off by punching the Ele-Seal effect before transitioning into a speedy {{m|Aqua Jet}}. Buizel uses its inflatable collar to make an abrupt stop and then leaps from the pool using {{m|Sonic Boom}}. Ash finishes things off with a {{m|Water Gun}} aimed at the water field, and the display of power goes over well with the judges. However [[Paul]] catches the appeal on TV and is unimpressed to see Ash has entered a Pokémon Contest.
By now, Dawn is extremely nervous that she iswill notembarrass goingherself, toand makegets it,rather butuptight. {{TP|Dawn|Piplup}} snapsknows hershe outcan ofdo it though, and wakes her up with a blast of {{m|Bubble Beam}}. DawnAfter gathersa hersmall thoughtsstumble, and narrowly misses calamity after almost dropping her Poké Ball as she steps onto the stage. She sends out {{TP|Dawn|Ambipom}} in a flurry of pink hearts, and showcases her magnificent tails with a twirling {{m|Double Hit}}. Dawn has Ambipom aim {{m|Swift}} and {{m|Focus Punch}} attacks at the water field for a fountain effect. The judges commend Dawn’s performance for its excellent timing and display of cuteness.
Next, she returns to her friends backstage and the results are soon announced. Ash, May, Zoey and Dawn all make it into the Top 16 and the [[Contest Battle|Battle Stage]]. Dawn is thrilled by the result, and with a renewed confidence she hopes to win the entire competition. Jessilina, however, is crushed as her Wallace Cup chances are quashed.



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