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Generation II

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Johto thematic motif: Gen XIII
{{gldr|type=Psychic|pic=Spr GS Sabrina.png|ldr=Sabrina|djap=ナツメ|drm=Natsume|loc=Saffron City|cjap=ヤマブキシティ|crm=Yamabuki City|bdg=Marsh}}
{{gldr|type=Fire|pic=Spr GS Blaine.png|ldr=Blaine|djap=カツラ|drm=Katsura|loc=Cinnabar Island|cjap=グレンじま|crm=Guren Island|bdg=Volcano}}
{{gldrb|type=Blue|t=Various|pic=Spr GS Blue.png|ldr=Blue (game)|altname=Blue|djapdjap2=グリーン|drm=Green|loc=Viridian City|cjap=トキワシティ|crm=Tokiwa City|bdg=Earth}}
==Johto thematic motif==
The second generation of Pokémon games were more directed towards mythology and tradition. The three starters were all "pure" element types, fitting the classic Water > Grass > Fire cycle all starters adhere to. Unlike other generations, all of the Johto starters maintain their single types through their final evolutions.
This was the first installment that put emphasis on [[Legendary Pokémon]] being actual legends in-game, in contrast to {{p|Mewtwo}} and the [[Legendary birds]] of Generation I. [[Ecruteak City]] fleshed out the legends of {{p|Ho-Oh}} and [[Legendary beasts|the three beasts]], their relationship with one another, and the story behind their departure (the [[Burned Tower]]). Lugia was also glimpsed by an elderly man in Ecruteak City, and others, who stated it looked like a dragon in the sky. Even the uncatchable {{p|Celebi}} was mentioned as the "Forest's Protector" at the shrine in [[Ilex Forest]].

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