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Ash's Charizard

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Original series: Not sure why the Movies bits had to be removed, especially when unlike the SM movies barring maybe M22, they're canon.
The most costly incidence of Charizard's disloyalty was in the battle against [[Ritchie]] during the [[Indigo Plateau Conference|Indigo League]] in ''[[EP079|Friend and Foe Alike]]''. Down to one Pokémon, Ash called Charizard into battle against [[Zippo]], and surprisingly decided to battle and force Zippo to flee from a far superior Flamethrower, causing Ritchie to recall it and concede the round. However, when [[Sparky]] came out, Charizard condescendingly stomped the ground and flapped its wings against the little Pikachu before going to sleep, refusing to battle. Due to this, Ash lost the round and Ritchie advanced to the next round.
While confronting {{OBP|Mewtwo|original series}}'s original clones of the three Kanto starters in their final evolutions during ''[[M01|Mewtwo Strikes Back]]'', Ash released Charizard to fight alongside [[Corey]]'s Bruteroot and [[Neesha]]'s Shellshocker against the clones. After Bruteroot and Shellshocker were quickly overpowered by their clones, Ash attempted to turn the tables by having Charizard focus on speed and evasion over raw power in its confrontation with the clone Charizard, but this strategy failed. Once Ash released the captured originals to confront the clones, Charizard battled the cloned Charizard once again but ended the battle to cry for Ash after his sacrifice to try and stop the battle between Mew and Mewtwo. After Mewtwo departed with Mew and the clones upon witnessing Ash's resurrection, it erased these actions from the memories of all people and Pokémon present, returning Charizard to its familiar disobedience.
======Orange Islands======
In ''[[EP134|Charizard's Burning Ambitions]]'', Misty criticized Ash for using Charizard too often against fresh young Trainers, making him unbeatable but in an unfair way. Ash then met {{Jo|Liza}}, who taught Ash and Charizard how to fly together. After arriving in the [[Charicific Valley]], Charizard was humiliated by Liza's insults and proudly tried to show off its power, but was shown to be smaller and weaker than the wild Charizard who lived there. Charizard continued to pick fights and kept getting itself beaten until Liza locked them out of the Valley, having [[Charla]] throw Charizard into the lake and telling it and Ash to stay away until they had trained and reflected. Team Rocket sympathized with Charizard and helped it to stay awake in the lake, as well as making a false attempt to break into the Valley, allowing Charizard to defeat them and win acclaim from Liza, Charla, and the wild Charizard. Facing an emotional battle, Ash told Charizard that he did not want a weakling on his team and he would be fine without it, forcing Charizard to stay at the Valley to train and become more powerful. He then ran away from the Valley, knowing that if he stopped, he would not be able to say goodbye. Pikachu wished Charizard well and followed Ash, leaving its teammate and friend behind.
In ''[[M03|Spell of the Unown: Entei]]'', when it witnessed a news broadcast discussing how [[Delia Ketchum]] had been abducted by a [[Entei (M03)|mysterious Pokémon]] during strange events at [[Greenfield]], Charizard departed the valley to assist Ash, arriving just in time to save him and Pikachu from falling to their deaths. Charizard subsequently assisted Ash in confronting the Entei created by the Unown, but even its natural power was insufficient against Entei's sheer strength and its ability to manipulate the environment thanks to its ties to the Unown, with Entei nearly breaking Charizard's neck. However, once [[Molly Hale|Molly]] accepted the need to acknowledge reality, Charizard worked with Pikachu and Entei to defeat the Unown and end the illusion before it returned to the Valley to resume its training.
During its time in the Charicific Valley, Charizard took the role of Charla's bodyguard, and the two seem to have a sort of [[ValleyShipping|romantic relationship]] with each other. Liza occasionally visited the [[Dragon Holy Land]] in [[Blackthorn City]] with the two Charizard. One such visit was in ''[[EP253|Great Bowls of Fire!]]'', which coincidentally occurred when Ash was there for his final [[Johto]] Gym battle. Charizard helped Ash, [[Clair]], Pikachu and {{TP|Clair|Dragonair}} calm the wild {{p|Dragonite}} that was rampaging in the Dragon Holy Land.

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