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Rotom Pokédex

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In the TCG
==In the TCG==
'''RotomThis Dex'''listing wasis introducedof ascards anmentioning {{TCG|Itemor card}}featuring Rotom Pokédex in the [[Pokémon Trading Card Game]] during the English Sun & Moon Series (the Japanese Sun & Moon Era). It was first released in the {{TCG|Collection Sun}} expansion before debuting in English in the {{TCG|Sun & Moon}} expansion, with an illustration by [[5ban Graphics]]. It was also released as a {{TCG|Full Art card}} in both expansions, with an illustration also by 5ban Graphics. Rotom Dex allows the player to shuffle their Prize cards into their deck. The player then take the same amount of remaining Prize cards they have left from the top of their deck and put them face down as their new Prize cards.
{{cardlist/header|Related cards|Item|char=yes}}
{{cardlist/entry|cardname=[[Rotom{{TCG Dex (ID|Sun & Moon 131)|Rotom Dex]]|131}}|type=Item|enset=Sun & Moon|enrarity=Uncommon|ennum=131/149|jpset=Collection Sun|jprarity=U|jpnum=056/060|enset2=Sun & Moon|enrarity2=Rare Secret|ennum2=159/149|jpset2=Collection Sun|jprarity2=UR|jpnum2=072/060|jpset3=Sun & Moon Starter Set|jpnum3=050/059|jpset4=SM-P Promotional cards|jpnum4=015/SM-P|jpset5=SM-P Promotional cards|jpnum5=149/SM-P|jpset6=GX Battle Boost|jpnum6=098/114|jpset7=GG End|jprarity7=TR|jpnum7=053/054}}
{{cardlist/entry|cardname=[[Rotom{{TCG Dex Poké Finder Mode (ID|Burning Shadows 122)|Rotom Dex Poké Finder Mode]]|122}}|type=Item|enset=Burning Shadows|enrarity=Uncommon|ennum=122/147|jpset=To Have Seen the Battle Rainbow|jprarity=U|jpnum=047/051}}

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