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Ash's Pikachu

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[[File:SS001.png|thumb|250px|Pichu with his adoptive family]]
As shown in [[SS001]], Pikachu was once a lonely {{pkmn2|wild}} {{p|Pichu}} who lived in the woods in the outskirts of [[Pallet Town]]. After falling off a cliff, he was saved by a mother {{p|Kangaskhan}}, who, after realizing Pichu had nowhere to go, placed Pichu in her pouch and took him into her care. Eventually, Pichu and the child Kangaskhan grew bigger, and carrying them both became a burden to the mother. Realizing this, Pichu left his adoptive mother's pouch in the middle of the night while Kangaskhan's pack was asleep. Turning back to say goodbye to his family, his feelings of gratitude caused him to [[evolution|evolve]] into Pikachu. After taking a moment to realize what had just happened to him, Pikachu finished his goodbyes, and left for parts unknown.
At some point after his departure, Pikachu was {{pkmn2|caught}} and eventually came under the possession of {{an|Professor Oak}}.

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