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Pokémon battle

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A '''Pokémon battle''' (Japanese: '''ポケモンバトル''' ''Pokémon battle''), often known as a '''Pokémon fight''' (Japanese: '''ポケモンしょうぶ''' ''Pokémon fight'') in the [[Generation I]] games, is a form of competition between {{OBP|Pokémon|species}}. In these battles, one or more of the Pokémon is typically owned and [[Pokémon training|trained]] by a person, its [[Pokémon Trainer]], in order to win.
When a Pokémon [[fainting|faints]] in battle, its Trainer may send out another to take its place, drawn from his or hertheir [[party]].
Pokémon battles appear in most forms of Pokémon media, being the central gameplay aspect of the [[core series]] games, as well as being a constant focus of the {{pkmn|anime}}. Originally, a Pokémon battle would be a one-on-one fight between two Pokémon; however, variations on this model have been seen later on in the series, with Pokémon battles featuring multiple Pokémon on each side later being implemented in the games as well.
[[File:Pokémon battle Moves SM.png|thumb|200px|The moves of a Pokémon displayed in the Fight menu]]
Selecting "Fight" will bring up another menu which allows the player to choose which of his or hertheir Pokémon's current [[move]]s is to be used during the turn. Depending on its remaining {{PP}}, a move may or may not be able to be selected; at least 1 PP is required to select the move. If all moves have 0 PP or are not usable for another reason, the Pokémon will use {{m|Struggle}}.
Once both sides have selected the moves they will use, the Pokémon currently in battle will make each of their moves in turn, with the move with the highest [[priority]] going first, and the one with the lowest priority going last. If multiple Pokémon use moves of the same priority, then they will move in order of decreasing {{stat|Speed}}, unless {{m|Trick Room}} is in effect, in which case the slowest Pokémon will go first. A Pokémon may be unable to move if it is immobilized by a status condition such as {{status|paralysis}} or another status effect such as {{status|flinch}}ing, it is unable to use its move due to an effect such as {{m|Taunt}} or {{m|Disable}}, or it [[obedience|disobeys]] its Trainer.
[[File:Contest battle.png|thumb|220px|A Contest Battle]]
{{main|Contest Battle}}
A Contest Battle is an {{pkmn|anime}}-exclusive battle variant in which two [[Pokémon Coordinator]]s face off while attempting to lower each other's scores. These battles have a five-minute time limit, during which each participant must show off his or hertheir Pokémon in a visually impressive manner. Unlike a regular battle, Coordinators and their Pokémon are judged on the style of their moves and the way they are able to dodge their opponent's attacks.
Contest Battles are usually [[Contest Judge|judged]] by [[Raoul Contesta|Mr. Contesta]], [[Mr. Sukizo]], and [[Nurse Joy]]. They are the ones responsible for subtracting points from a Coordinator's score. Coordinators will generally lose points when their Pokémon are hit by an attack, when their Pokémon's attack fails, when the opponent's Pokémon performs a particularly [[appeal]]ing [[move]] or [[Contest combination|combo]], or when the opponent's Pokémon uses their Pokémon's attack to its own advantage. Contest Battles may also end when the judges rule {{DL|Fainting|Battle Off}} for a Pokémon. In this case, the Coordinator with the remaining Pokémon is declared the winner.

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