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Pokémon breeding

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*In [[Generation VI]], he will face the road instead of in towards the Day Care.
*In [[Generation VII]], the Pokémon Nursery lady will fold her arms, with her right hand under her chin.
The Day-Care Man will hand the player an {{pkmn|Egg}} if hethe or sheplayer replies that they want the Egg and if they have an empty slot in their party. If the player tells the Day-Care Man they do not want the Egg, he will permanently keep it. If the player says they want the Egg but does not have a spare slot, the Day-Care Man will keep it until the player returns, when he will offer it again; otherwise, there is no way to refuse the Egg and receive it later. In Generation VII, the player no longer needs an empty slot in the party.
====What will hatch====

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