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Chansey (Pokémon)

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* In the [[Pokémon Red and Green beta|Pokémon Red and Blue beta]], Chansey was originally known as "Lucky", which also happens to be its romanized Japanese name.
* Chansey shares its {{pkmn|category}} name with {{p|Exeggcute}}. They are both known as the Egg Pokémon.
* Chansey's {{stat|HP}} increase is the largest single stat increase after evolving from Happiny, at 150 points.
* Chansey ties with {{p|Happiny}} for the lowest base {{stat|Attack}} and {{stat|Defense}} of all Pokémon, both at five.
* Chansey received the biggest decrease to its {{stat|Special}} stat in Generation II, losing 70 points of {{stat|Special Attack}}.

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