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A Pokémon can only know between one and four moves at a time, out of a pool of almost 800 total moves as of [[Generation VIII]]. However, no single Pokémon can learn every move; each and every Pokémon has a predetermined set of moves (known as a movelist, movepool, or learnset) that they can learn that relates to the type and concept of the species. Movelist sizes vary greatly among different Pokémon; some Pokémon, such as {{p|Ditto}} and {{p|Unown}}, can only learn one move, while {{p|Mew}} can learn 250 moves in [[Generation VII]], and {{p|Smeargle}} can possess almost any move due to {{m|Sketch}}. [[Evolution|Evolved]] Pokémon generally have larger movelists than their pre-evolved forms but learn moves naturally at a slower rate or even stop learning moves via level-up entirely. This may provide incentive to delay a Pokémon's evolution. Most [[Legendary trio]]s and [[Legendary duo|duos]] have similar movelists.
Pokémon are limited in the way that they may use their moves in battle. The number of times they can use each move is restricted by the move's [[Power Points]]. Power Points vary from move to move, but typically stronger moves have fewer Power Points than weaker moves. The amount of Power Points for each move may be altered by items such as [[PP Up]]. The only move that is not affected by Power Points is {{m|Struggle}}.
Moves that do not directly inflict damage are known as [[status move]]s. The [[damage|damaging]] moves are divided into [[physical move|physical]] and [[special move]]s depending on the individual move's characteristics; the category of the move determines whether the move's damage depends on the user's {{stat|Attack}} or {{stat|Special Attack}} stat and the target's {{stat|Defense}} or {{stat|Special Defense}}. Each move has a [[type]] that determines how effective it is against various types of targets and whether it receives [[same-type attack bonus]]. It is important to note that prior to [[Generation IV]], the move's category was dependent on the move's type, rather than a distinct variable.

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